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Caprese salad, not really with Molino tomatoes but it could be...
Caprese salad, not really with Molino tomatoes but it could be…

Molino Creek Farm’s reputation is founded on our dry-farmed tomatoes, which we have produced according to organic principles for thirty years. Our fruit is singularly sweet, juicy, and flavorful: a testament both to the rectitude of our biointensive farming methods and insights that arise only from living on the land you farm. Our tomatoes bring whole new flavor dimensions to fresh dishes like insalata caprese, render equally well into velvety sauces for Italian dishes or tangy gravies for Indian cuisine, or provide a lively foundation for your favorite salsa recipe. Our tomatoes are picked as close to market as we dare, ensuring only the freshest, ripest produce for your table.

In addition to our highly-prized tomatoes our market team almost always brings other fresh goodies from the farm garden. You will find snappy cucumbers, crisp greens, tender squash, and fragrant melons in season. Our long-term investment in our apple orchards means with increasing frequency you’ll encounter both popular cultivars like Fujis and harder-to-find apples like Kerflessenden and Jimmy Crackcorn, good eating and pie apples respectively. Keep your eyes open for olives, avocados, and sour cherries in season as well.


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