The Farm

Our farm was founded by several families to preserve family farming and the beauty and exquisiteness of our land. Organic farming has allowed us to create a livelihood for ourselves and a source of nourishing food for us and our community. Since our founding, we have raised almost 2 generations of children here.

Critical to producing our best-tasting tomatoes is our method of dryland farming. We were pioneers in working out the means of growing tomatoes that are not irrigated at all. They survive by rooting themselves as deeply as possible into our rich clay soil and searching for moisture retained from the winter rains.

Located on the Central Coast of California, we enjoy moderate summers in a microclimate of both sun and summer fogs. With the combination of deep fertile soil and temperate weather, our tomatoes can produce the sweetest and most intense flavors.

‘Technical Specifications’ of Molino Creek Farm:

  • We are located in the California coastal prairie biome at an elevation of roughly 900m (2900 ft.)
  • Köppen Climate Classification: Csb (warm-summer Mediterranean climate)
  • USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 10b; Sunset climate zone 15.
  • The farm has 17 row crop fields, 4 orchard areas, for a total of 30 or so arable acres.

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